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bh cosmetics: floral blush duos

Bh cosmetics is a makeup brand that has a wide variety of makeup products. They’re known for their large palettes with a huge amount of eye shadows such as the 120 color palette. Bh cosmetics is a very affordable makeup brand so it it really good for beginners, but it’s perfect for all makeup lovers. 
They recently came out with new blush duos that I find to be gorgeous! There are 5 of them: iris, lilac, daisy, rose, and tulip. As you can see the packaging is colorful and very pretty. The packaging does seem sturdy too which is always a plus. There is also a nice sized mirror included with each duo.
 Bh cosmetics is ordered online and these blush duos were packaged nicely with bubble wrap so they would not get broken during their travel. I paid less than 5 dollars for each of these duos but I got them on sale, but still original price is less than 10 dollars and plus bh cosmetics is always having sales.

Iris: I feel like this duo is perfect for Fall. It has a really dark shade to use as blush but also has a lighter shade that could be used as a blush or a highlighter. You could add the colors together to tone the color of the deep blush down a bit. 
Rose: I feel like this is another perfect color for Fall. It is a very pretty rose color and they have the exact amount of pigmentation. The highlighter is a very pretty gold color and is also very pigmented.

Tulip: this duo comes with a very pretty blush color perfect for any time of the year. It also comes with a color to use as
a bronzer. 
Lilac: This color I feel is perfect for Spring and Summer. It is a very light blush and highlighter. This one is not as pigmented as the other colors but it is super buildable. 
Daisy: This duo is perfect for Spring and Summer. It has a very light buildable blush. The highlighter is very light and will add some lightness to your face. This one isn’t as pigmented as the others but it is super buildable. 
Here are the duos but with the two colors mixed together. Colors go from left to right: iris, rose, tulip, lilac, and daisy.
Overall, I am quite impressed with these blush duos. They have the perfect amount of pigmentation. The packaging is adorable and very study. Also, you can’t complain about the price. Check out bhcosmetics.com for further information. These won’t be available forever so get them soon! 

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